• 17 Oct 2023
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The Settings page allows for the configuration of user and system-wide settings (such as how claims are transmitted and reviewed).  A comprehensive review of these settings is essential to ensure effective claim management for your organization prior to proceeding.


Note that while all users can view My Settings tab, only users with an Administrator user type can view and edit the Account Settings, Account Information, and Claim Grouping tabs.


  1. Click on Settings on the left-hand navigation menu.

Notice the four tabs under Account Configuration. 

  • My Settings-  This tab can be accessed by all user types, and is where users can update their own account information and settings. Users can only view their own information on this tab.
  • Account Settings- is where system-wide changes are made.  (Administrative User access only)
  • Account Information-is where the official business address of the organization is entered (Administrative User access only)
  • Claim Grouping- is an optional feature that can be used to create customized views and report filters (Administrative User access only)

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