Manually Uploading Claims
  • 17 Apr 2024
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Manually Uploading Claims

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Uploading Files Manually

"Manually Uploading Claims" refers to the process of generating a batch file containing all claims for a specific provider from the Practice Management System or other software system. This file is typically in ANSI X12 format, although it may be in other formats such as PDF, CSV, XML, or others. The batch file is then saved in a local drive and uploaded into Claim.MD.

To upload a claim:

  1. Click Upload Files on the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. It is recommended to leave Select Format dropdown as Automatic Format Identification first.
    If the document is not being automatically read, try selecting the specific format (CSV, XLS, XML etc.) in the dropdown.
    More Information

    Clicking on the button located next to the Select Format dropdown will result in the appearance of a window named Select Format Help. This window will contain links to assist in understanding the rules and formats required to set up a document accurately for uploading to Claim.MD. For example, if a CSV file is being used, a template will be provided indicating how to arrange the column headers.

  3. Click the   button
  4. Browse the local drive and locate the claim file to upload. Double click on the file or click the button. 
  5. Click button. A loading circle will display while it uploads.
  6.  An Imported Data Results window will display with the number of claims transmitted, held (to be approved before transmission), and rejected. 
    1. To stay on the screen, click
    2. To approve claims that are held or review rejected claims, click   .
  7. The Recent Uploads section of the page is where you can quickly view information about your batch file such as quantity of claims in the file, total amount for the claims, etc.
  8. Click the  button to see the individual claims in the file.
  9.  The next step will be addressing claims that need attention (such as claims needing approval, and rejected claims), which is handled in the Manage Claims page. 


Please note, not all payers or their claim submission trading partners allow attachments.

Here is a link to those payers which currently allow attachments:

Payers Which Currently Allow Attachments

Once a claim is created or uploaded to one of the payers in the list above, there will be an Attach Documents link at the top of the claim's form in Claim.MD.

  1.  Select     on the Upload Files or Manage Claims page. Select an individual claim from the list to View / Edit the claim. 
  2. Click on the Attach Documents link. 
  3. Click on Select A File.
  4. Select the file from your local drive. 
  5. Close the Attach Document Window.
  6. The link will now display the number of documents attached.
  7. Be sure to select the appropriate Attachment Type.

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