How do I submit a support ticket for a missing ERA?
  • 19 Mar 2024
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How do I submit a support ticket for a missing ERA?

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Article Summary

To initiate a Missing ERA Support Ticket, it is crucial to first confirm your ERA enrollment with the relevant payer. Once this is verified, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Support Tickets page.
  2. Click on the button.
  3. Select "Missing Remittance (ERA) / ERA Enrollment."
  4. Choose the appropriate provider for which the ERA is missing.
  5. Select the corresponding payer.
  6. Enter details such as the check number, amount, and date; please note that providing one example of a missing check is sufficient.
  7. Click to include the check information.
  8. Click "Continue Ticket" to complete the process.
  9. In the description section, include vital information such as, was the provider previously receiving ERA from this payer and then the ERA stopped, are there other ERA for this same payer and provider that are missing in addition to the one ERA example provided? 
  10. If a paper EOB was received, attach it to the support ticket (see instructions below). *Please note, missing ERA for UHC plans and Cigna cannot be researched without an EOB or other image (online screenshot, etc...).  
  11.  As an alternative, if an EOB or other payment documentation cannot be obtained, please provide the Direct Deposit Acknowledgement Receipt (DDAR) or the bank transaction ID information. You can locate the ERA check number as it will be embedded in the transaction ID associated with the bank report. Please only provide the transaction ID data. We do not need any other banking information.
  12. Click button on the bottom of the ticket.
    Attaching EOB and/or DDAR
    Once you have already sent the ticket, click back on the ticket from your list on the left hand side. You can attach your EOB and/or DDAR, by clicking the paperclip icon on the bottom left, select   , select the file on your drive, and click   .

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