Manage Users
  • 19 Mar 2024
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Manage Users

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Article summary

This page is for controlling access and privileges for users of Claim.MD. This system helps ensure that only authorized personnel can access confidential data and perform critical functions within the Claim.MD system.  Only Administrative User users have access to this page. 

User Types

  • Administrator users can manage other users and can access all the settings and features. SFTP/API setup can only be performed by an Administrative user.
  • Standard users can be restricted to specific features, but will have access to all provider's data within those features.
  • Eligibility Only users can only access Eligibility, and are locked to one specific provider. They are unable to see any eligibility history except their own.
  • Accounting/Invoices users have access to the View/Pay Invoices page only.
HIPAA Compliance
To comply with HIPAA regulations, each user must be provided with unique login credentials for Claim.MD. The login information should be exclusive to Claim.MD and not used for other systems. It is important that users keep their credentials confidential. Sharing Claim.MD usernames and passwords is strictly prohibited under HIPAA standards to protect personal health information.


1. Click Manage Users on the left-hand navigation bar. 

2 Select the User Type in the dropdown. The User Type description will display to provide details on each type. 

3. Click   button.

4. Enter the Contact information for the user being added (like Name, Email, Phone, Fax, Address, etc.). 

More Information
A full first and last name is required. It is also recommended to add a fax number if you are expecting to fax a claim or appeal via Claim.MD. Note that names must be actual users and not generic titles like “office staff”.

5. Customization of user privileges can be configured under Standard Access Privileges.  Enable or disable privileges by selecting or unselecting the checkboxes next to each access privilege. 

Standard Access Privileges
Upload ClaimsAccess to the Upload Files menu, and can upload a claim file.
Access ClaimsView claims and related history.
Modify ClaimsEdit, Correct, or Modify any claims
Archive ClaimsRemove claims from the Manage Claims menu that have either not been transmitted or have errors that need correction.
Transmit ClaimsApprove claims for submission to the insurance carriers.
Access ReportGenerate and view reports on claim and remittance history.
Access EligibilityView Eligibility information for patients    
Access ERAView, print or download "Electronic Remittance Advice".
Enroll ProvidersAdd Provider Information, download insurance carrier enrollment forms, and enroll for ERA, Eligibility or electronic claim submission.
Invoices/PaymentsView or Pay invoices for Claim.MD usage.
Restrict IP AddressRestrict access to the system to a specific digital location. Dedicated IP address required. Contact your IT support to determine if you have a dedicated IP. Example:

6. Clicking the     button (located below Standard Privileges) will immediately send an email to the address provided in the Edit User field, allowing the user to complete their online setup, including selecting their own username & password.

Notification will display that user has setup link, its expiration date/time, and whether they selected a UserID yet
More Informtion
The user has 3 days to enter a username or password, otherwise another link will have to be sent by the administrator. 

When the user is added, their name will display in the User List to the left with a pending status. This will go away once the user chooses a user name on their initial login.

Additional Verification Steps

Once data exists in the account, new users will be required to verify additional data to complete the new user set up process.

Whenever a new user is added to the system, they will receive a "Verify Access" email to confirm their legitimacy and grant access to the system.  The email will contain a Claim.MD link (see image above). When the user clicks the link, a pop-up will prompt them to verify access to the system by entering a patient's last name. This last name can be obtained either by looking up their PCN/Account number in a separate practice management system or by asking an already authorized Claim.MD user to search for the patient's last name using the provided account number.

To perform the search, the already authorized Claim.MD user should follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Search page in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Enter the Acct # / PCN in the search field and click the Search button.
  3. The patient's information should appear on the patient list. Retrieve the last name and securely communicate it to the new users.

It is crucial to remember that this information contains personally identifiable information (PPI), and all communications regarding the account number and last name should be conducted securely, preferably over the phone or in person.


Removing Users

  1. Navigate to the user you wish to remove.
  2. Click the red "Delete" button on the bottom.
  3. Confirm the deletion by clicking "OK."
  4. A confirmation popup will appear. The user has now been successfully removed.

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