Account Information
  • 03 Jul 2024
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Account Information

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Article summary

Account Information Tab Overview

The Account Information tab is a crucial section within your Claim.MD account settings. This tab is specifically designed for entering and maintaining the official business address of the organization associated with your Claim.MD account.

Purpose of the Account Information Tab

The information entered here is primarily utilized by Claim.MD for billing purposes. Ensuring that the business address is accurate and up-to-date is essential for the proper handling of invoices and other financial correspondences.

Key Points to Remember

  • Official Business Address: The address you input in this tab should be the formal, legal address of your organization. This is the address Claim.MD will reference for all billing-related activities.
  • Billing vs. User Addresses: It's important to note that the business address entered in the Account Information tab may be different from the addresses used for individual users within your organization. Individual user addresses can be managed separately in two locations:
    • Manage Users Page: This is where you can add or update addresses for specific users who have access to the Claim.MD system.
    • My Settings: Each user can also enter or update their personal address information here, specifically in the My Information section.

Updating Information

If there are any changes or updates to your organization's official business address, it is crucial to reflect these changes in the Account Information tab. Keeping this information current helps avoid any potential billing issues or miscommunications.

How to Save Changes

To save any updates or changes made to the account information:

  1. Make the Necessary Edits: Enter the updated business address details in the designated fields within the Account Information tab.
  2. Save Changes: Once you have entered the new information, click on the     button to ensure that your updates are recorded and applied.

By following these steps, you can maintain accurate and reliable account information, facilitating smoother operations and interactions with Claim.MD.

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